What is Produvar?

Produvar is a handy order tracking system for production companies. An ERP-plus system, if you will. With Produvar you always and everywhere have a clear overview of all the business processes, from quotation to invoice. You can plan orders efficiently and monitor the progress of the production process precisely. The smart, scalable system fits in with your sector, your company and business processes. Produvar is an online package that is delivered in the cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service).

What can you do with Produvar?

By automating manual activities, Produvar allows you to streamline your business processes, save a great deal of time and reduce costs. From the quotation process, via accepting an assignment and generating files for controlling machines, to creating the invoice – Produvar relieves you of so much administration hassle that you will soon ask yourself why such a handy system had not been developed earlier.

Putting together complex quotations quickly

We all know how it works: large organisations that have a job to be carried out ask for ten quotations, and then choose the lowest priced one. Nine out of ten times you make an offer for nothing, but still have spent a lot of time in putting together your quotation. This can be different! Produvar allows you to standardise most components of a quotation, so that you can very quickly generate an offer for which you only have to add the latest details. This saves you a huge amount of time and the potential client receives your quotation in no time.

Product configurator

An important component of the software is the product configurator. This allows your customer to put together products himself that are specified enough to be produced straight away. Do you produce pallets, for example? Are you active in metal working or in the furniture industry? Then a customer can use Produvar directly to select the required dimensions, materials, construction and amounts and put your production process into operation with a single push of a button.

(Examples of machines that can be controlled from Produvar: CNC machines, milling machines, mixing machines, punching machines, waterjet machines – in fact, every machine that can be connected to a PLC system.)

One of the advantages of Produvar is that the system reduces your business risks. To begin with, the customer who has ordered a product in Produvar is responsible for the correctness of the details given. What’s more, as your product range mostly comprises fully configurable standard products that are ordered directly in Produvar, staff have much more time to deal with non-standard products. This allows you to produce the large group of products for which you have a larger margin more quickly, simply and cheaply, and at the same time make room for the specials.

The standard options of Produvar are so comprehensive that they can meet practically every business wish. Do you require special functionalities after all? Then we will be happy to programme them for you. They will seamlessly fit in with your standard Produvar package.