Automation saves costs

Typing in orders, checking specifications, creating and entering invoices… If only you could avoid all this administration hassle! Produvar takes care of all your business administration processes, from quotation request to invoicing. It helps you save a lot of time and costs. By standardising your customised requests as much as possible, your staff have more time free for those quotations that are difficult to standardise.

  • Planning orders efficiently
  • Precise progress control
  • Clear administration overview
  • Great ease of use
  • Little manual work
  • Reduced business risks
  • Comprehensive standard functionalities
  • Scalable system



The customer requests a quotation online. In Produvar the customer configures the desired products, dimensions, materials and amounts. You can issue a fully completed quotation practically immediately.



The customer approves the quotations with a simple mouse click. The assignment can go to the planning section.



The order is planned. The system checks which production activities are necessary, whether there are sufficient materials in stock and when the machines are available.



Based on all the dimensions and amounts entered by the customer, the machines can be controlled from Produvar. The production process is put into operation.



Produvar automatically creates the invoice proposals. These are entered into your administration as well as sent to the customer.

Automated exchange of files frees up hours weekly
Before we started using OES, our process was very time consuming: download XML file from email, upload it to our convertor, download the conversion result, upload conversion result in our ERP, etc. Now we only need to forward the email containing the XML and everything works automatically.
Meindert Witvoet
Evolve Productions B.V.
It saves a great deal on the costs.
Since we have been using Produvar, a great deal of manual work has been automated. It is striking how much we have saved in costs. What’s more, we enjoy our work much more!
Berrie Vriezema

This company went before you

Berend VriezemaEvolve B.V.
Berend Vriezema

Evolve produceert hoogwaardige betonnen keukenbladen, perfect op maat voor onze klanten. Met Produvar ERP kunnen onze klanten zelf hun keukenblad samenstellen. Met één druk op de knop worden alle delen met onze CNC-gestuurde freesmachine gemaakt. Met Produvar besparen we bakken met tijd en maken we ook nog minder fouten. Een win-win situatie voor ons en onze klanten.